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Viewing topic "Pro-Tools anyone?!?"

Posted on: August 05, 2010 @ 01:33 AM
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Joined  07-24-2008
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Hey Yamaha gurus,

Will the XF boast native ProTools support?!?
I wire my ES to my PT rig through USB. I can’t make use of the Remote Control function but I’m still wishing I could. I checked the DAW support on the XF specs and lo and behold:
For Windows®: Cubase 4 – 5, SONAR 5.2 – 8
For Mac®: Cubase 4 – 5, Logic 7.2 – LogicStudio, Digital Performer 5.1 – 6

Where is ProTools?!? It is a major player in today’s DAW market so I don’t think that the RC feature for this DAW is not in demand.

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Posted on: August 05, 2010 @ 02:59 AM
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Yamaha own Steinberg. Therefore they will always promote Cubase, and extended ‘native’ support for other DAWs is unlikely. The RC function in the XS is ok as far as it goes, but if it doesn’t support Pro-Tools now then I doubt it will in future.

Note also that Logic-Pro is now on version 9.1.1 and new versions come out reasonably regularly. New versions can easily break the existing functionality.

The RC function in the Motif was never a particularly good idea in the first place, because as time goes on the DAWs get updated and any given update may break more of the functionality provided by the XS.


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Posted on: August 05, 2010 @ 01:02 PM
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The real issue is that Avid (formerly Digidesign)won’t allow other hardware manufacturers access to the necessary tech specs and software that would let them be used as controllers for PT.  The only way to have fully functional interface between hardware controllers and PT is with an Avid product, such as M-Audio. 

That said, I am a Pro Tools user and use the USB interface from my Motif XS8.  Other than not having full functionality of controls, faders, knobs and what not, everything works great.  The other benefit would be to be able to use the Firewire port on the XS to transfer all 16 tracks of the MOtif sequencer in one shot, digitally, which you can do with Cubase, the XS and a firewire connection. 

However, I understand that Mackie has a new mixer out that IS compatible with Pro Tools, so maybe Avid is softening up...there’s always hope!!

In any case, I plan to stick with both Pro Tools AND my Motif for the foreseeable future.

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