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Viewing topic "Motif XF Detailed information & Questions for Yamaha for August 1, 9 PM PST"

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Posted on: August 05, 2010 @ 05:59 AM
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Please, do not tell Yamaha you are not going to buy XF because you are going to stay with XS and you are just waiting for OS upgrade. If you do, we will never get that upgrade. That is the way it works.

That would be the way it worked (I guess) if YOU owned the company. That is NOT the way it is!

We do this for a living and recognize pretty much exactly how long musicians typically keep their gear. The Motif XS updates are planned, and are in the works - we still see a significant number of our customers happily using the original Motif (2001), and the Motif ES (2003) and we anticipate a goodly number of them to continue to use the Motif XS for years to come. They were built to last!

Just read a post on someone with an SY99 (1991) - certainly the majority of the customers for the new XF will own a wide variety of keyboards. They will be moving to the XF from keyboards they have owned since the early 1990’s on forward… some will be coming over from other manufacturers products. But it is really self-centric to think that we are only addressing XS customers (if you are an XS owner) - the world is bigger than that. Yes a certain number of XS owners will upgrade, no-doubt, You already know how to use it and the new features address some very well known and discussed issues.

If we changed everything and came out with an entirely new keyboard (who would we be targeting?)… even the guy with the SY99 from 18-19 years ago, is not going to have to start from scratch… the Yamaha terminology is the same and will greatly shorten the “learning curve"… a major issue for many of the target audience.

That’s ‘the way it is’, laughable… thanks, I needed to smile :)

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