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Viewing topic "Es6 + i88x + mac + sonar 8"

Posted on: April 29, 2010 @ 11:29 PM
Total Posts:  16
Joined  02-04-2007
status: Regular

First of all im using and es6 and an i88, also using a macbook pro(mac os x version 10.6.3).  I’ve installed sonar 8 and its running in parallels desktop(because this is the only way that I was able to load it)feel free to let me know if there is another way i’m unaware of.  The Mlan light on the i88 is STEADY green (as opposed to flashing. Lol) but sonar is not giving me any imput options.  I clicked devices on parallels desktop then sound and then imput device and selected mlan network.  In sonar under OPTIONS--audio ive switched driver mode between wdm, wasapi, mme, and Asio(also have downloaded Asio4all) but still no Mlan imput imputs.  Is this some type of issue with Parallels or have I not set up something correctly?  Also no Mlan drivers listed under OPTONS- Audio-Advanced.  Any help will be greatly appreciated


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