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Viewing topic "arpeggio does not work"

Posted on: October 06, 2009 @ 12:19 PM
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Joined  10-06-2009
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I play the motif rack ES with a Yamaha KX61 midicontroler. both set up as midi chn 1, I have all functionalities of the ES, including the arpeggio when pushing the arpeggio button on the ES
Switching to my Yamaha PSR-S700 I can play the ES but when pushing the Arpeggio button on the ES, there is no sound anymore.

when I start Cubase AI4 and switch to USB on the KX61 and ES, I can play the ES in Cubase, but pushing the Arpeggio button again no sound is comming from my computer. on the level indicators I see a signal comming in Cubase but nothing is coming out.

How can I set up the Motive Rack to use arpeggio with my PSR-S700 as well as in Cubase?

Can somebody help me on this?

KIND REGARDS, Hugo from Holland.

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Posted on: October 06, 2009 @ 07:56 PM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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It is not really clear what the problem is however, you make no mention of the clock sync parameter.

It may be possible that you have your Motif-Rack ES set to look for MIDI SYNC = MIDI (which would mean it will wait for external MIDI clock to be sent into it).

Your KX may be sending MIDI clock, and your PSR and Cubase may not… At least that would be a place to start looking.

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