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Viewing topic "Recording MP3 From Motif XS6"

Posted on: June 16, 2009 @ 08:45 AM
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Hello Motifators,

I am currently a registered Yamaha Pro-Keyboard User and I had an inquiry regarding the motif XS6. I am recording my music using the MotifXS6 as well as the CubaseAI4 that was provided with the keyboard conjointly. However, i still do not know how to convert my Cubase sessions into Mp3/CD-compatible format. I was told it is not possible using my existing equipment and i need to purchase an external audio interface (audio i/o) that will allow me to create MP3 formats of my Cubase Sessions. Is this true? If so, please elaborate!

I Appreciate Your Support!

Karim Bakir

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Posted on: June 16, 2009 @ 09:27 AM
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There are a couple of ways of doing what you want to do.

1 Play the midi out of Cubase into the XS and then RESAMPLE the audio result into your sample RAM (This assumes you have installed some)Your manual will give you details on how to resample.
Once you have your sample on removeable media, take the media across to your PC and then copy it into your PC. We’ll come back to what to do with this WAV file in a moment.

2 Play the MIDI out of Cubase and then capture the resulting audio via a soundcard back in Cubase. You could either capture the whole stereo mix in a single pass or do it a track at a time and rework your mix on the audio within Cubase. Of course this route requires either a decent soundcard or else the mLan expansion.
Once your mix is done, set your left and right locators to the beginning and end of the song and export the finished mix as a WAV file, 16 bit 44.1kHz (The full version of Cubase will also export directly as MP3)

In both 1 + 2 you should have created a WAV file. This is the raw material used to burn audio CDs by programs such as Nero or Roxio. You then use whichever CD burning program you have to create your audio CD using the finished WAV files.

To create MP3s of your tunes, use a piece of software such as iTunes or Windows media player or Real Player to encode it as MP3 from the CD.

Hope this helps


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