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Viewing topic "Motif 7 For Sale"

Posted on: May 11, 2009 @ 03:00 PM
Total Posts:  30
Joined  01-10-2004
status: Regular

If you know these keyboards, you probably want one. I love my Motif, and have taken care of it for the 6 years I’ve owned it. Always in my studio, never gigged with it once. Moved it once to my new place, moved it again to my current one.  Now I am moving out west and need to lighten up a bit.

There are a few cosmetic blemishes, both where the data wheel is and the pitch bend… whitish streaks against the grey. Additionally, I feel one side of the L/R output is slightly louder than the other. I’ve always just compensated with my mixer, no problem, and as you know are there are two additional outputs I’ve never even used. This hasn’t been a problem for me, but I wanted to disclose it.

All keys, knobs, wheels etc have been mechanically perfect. I’ve been quite happy with it.

I’m moving out west and to me, this thing is too heavy to carry around.  I weigh 133 pounds.  On a good day.  So I’m looking to sell it. 

Comes with manual, power cable, and I will throw in a Smart Media memory card more than adequate for storing your patches and settings.

Also comes with proprietary Yamaha Motif hard shell case.  This sturdy case has great latches, handles, and wheels. Excellent condition. You walk away with it.

My route out west is going to take me from Western MA down the eastern seaboard, then west along I 40, and up into SoCal.  If you’re anywhere near my route, will consider delivering your Motif to you.  If you’re near Massachusetts, I can make a special trip and settle this before I leave.  Price is 800. dollars.

Feel free to get in touch. I tested the email function at my profile and it got to me, so this seems to be the most reliable way to reach me. 

p.s. I am interested in a trade for a good condition Korg Triton Extreme.  I think you should walk away with 100. dollars cash in such a trade.

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