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Viewing topic "Trick to Record audio where everything will sync properly"

Posted on: March 16, 2009 @ 02:03 PM
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Hello I’m trying to send my midi tracks out individually from my keyboard into DP5 (digital performer )and get everything to line up properly. when i try to record midi it sends all the information out as one track and not individual tracks additionally i would rather work in mostly audio as it it easy for me to work across platforms and enhance the audio tracks as needed .Basically what I’m looking for is a way to record all the midi tracks as audio and get those tracks to line up well.If anyone can share the secret or method or anyway that they have to record each track individually into DP it will be greatly appreciated. I have a project that’s over due and I could really use your help and advice . I would rather not record midi into DP .I am mostly working with audio tracks and would prefer to keep it that way if possible. If midi is the only way that i can do this please tell me how to get each one of these midi outputs from the mo 8 to send each of these tracks out individually and get them to sync .even if it’s four or 8 bars repeated .I’m looking for a method. running mo8 on an old imacg5 digital performer 5. wm-audio firewire 410. wwhen i try to record it jumbles everything together I want to be able to send one track at a time to a single track for dp, so if I have 12 tracks in my sequence , I have twelve tracks in DP . not one stereo track with everything mixed. Thank you very much

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Posted on: March 17, 2009 @ 12:09 PM
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Several ways to go about this, putting .mid file on flash drive etc.

Cubase can take and split up the channels to tracks, DP should somewhere.

If you sync the computer and mo you could do it track by track, either midi or audio.
Have computer send midi clock to mo then utilites/midi/sync/ midi
so the mo will trigger off the computer.

I like getting the midi tracks on the computer then turning them into audio one by one.

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