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Viewing topic "Transfer MO6 user sounds into a Motif Rack?"

Posted on: March 03, 2009 @ 02:59 AM
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Joined  03-03-2009
status: Newcomer

Hi, trying to find a solution to hauling the actual keyboard onto airplanes, etc...would like to go to a rack for fly dates...any solutions or ideas?


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Posted on: March 04, 2009 @ 12:12 PM
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Joined  06-16-2006
status: Guru

I was thinking that the sound set for the mo is the same as a rack es, 175mb.

Different patches a bit but I think the es can do anything the mo can do.

More really.

I can load es patches on the mo so you should be able to load mo patches on the es… maybe.

You might ask over in the motif section about that.

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