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Viewing topic "Sequence memory full"

Posted on: March 02, 2009 @ 03:49 AM
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Joined  01-17-2009
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Hi guys,

just made a song in pattern mode.
Now I want to copy the whole pattern to a song, so I did what the manual says, I recorded a chain from the pattern, then go to edit and select copy to song.
When I did this I got the message “sequence memory full”
Mmmmm. The destination song is empty, the pattern chain consists of section A-J with max 5 instruments in one section.
Anybody any idea???????


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Posted on: March 02, 2009 @ 06:43 AM
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A “Sequencer Memory Full” message is displayed when you have more than 1MB of MIDI data in the Sequencer.

If you still have the DEMO SONGS and PATTERNS in your Sequencer now would be a good time to clear them out - you have listened to them and are now ready to make your own music - you can CLEAR them out. This will give additional memory.

If at some later date you really miss them you can restore them from FLASH ROM. But to keep them in your Sequencer when you are attemepting to create your own music is not necessary.

Press [SONG]
Press [JOB]
Press [F6] SONG
Select the JOB: SONG CLEAR
Identify the SONGS you do not need and press [ENTER] to execute

Do the same thing for PATTERN Mode (identify and clear out the PATTERN data that you are not going to be using).

Hope that helps.

Although the SEQUENCER is divided into two main modes (SONG and PATTERN) there is only one sequencer in the Motif XS. When you place more thatn 1,024KB (1MegaByte) of MIDI data in it, it will be full.

If you have already cleared the sequencer memory of the DEMO songs and patterns, and still do not have a room, then you will need to back up your current SONGS and PATTERNS to a USB storage device, then clear as many as necessary to make room.

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