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Viewing topic "Site is changing gradually"

Posted on: February 26, 2009 @ 02:19 AM
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Joined  05-08-2003
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Keyfax - thanks for the changes that are happening - keep them coming - the functionality is improving and more stuff is available.

Thank you - I’ve posted on the “This site is awful” thread with some thoughts and concerns - hope you are able to pick up on them.


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Posted on: February 27, 2009 @ 03:13 PM
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Joined  03-25-2008
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Thanks indeed…
Looks like the wheels in the new machine are slowly getting to turn, this is looking good just like I knew it would…
Holly ^%^$#, that sounded like good lyrics to a tune :O , I think I better get to it lol!
Thanks Jason, keep up the awesome work man ;)


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