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Viewing topic "Two midi controllers into motif rack"

Posted on: February 22, 2009 @ 12:33 PM
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Joined  02-22-2009
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I’m new to both rack modules and the motif. I recently bought a motif rack to replace my computer setup that i have been using onstage. I need to hook up 2 midi keyboards (m-audio’s axiom61 and keystation 88sx) as well as a foot controller (Behringer’s FCB 1010)to the motif. The keystation only has midi out, the axiom has midi in and midi out, and the foot controller has midi in and midi out/thru. The rack of course has midi in, midi thru and midi out. Ithought that i could “daisy chain” starting with the keystation since it has no midi in. As long as they transmit on different midi channels, the motif rack should see them as one input transmitting data over several different midi channels.
My problem is that I can go through the pedal board, but not the axiom. Does this mean that the axiom does not pass the midi in info onto the midi out (merge) and if not what is the purpose of the midi in port. I read the axiom manual from front to back and other than identifying it on the rear panel diagram, they make no mention of it anywhere.
As i write this i realize that i should post this on an axiom forum as instead but maybe someone here can help me just as well. Maybe someone can confirm that I should be able to (with the right controllers) daisy chain and input up to 16 different midi keyboard playing different voices each.
Thanks in advance,

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