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Viewing topic "Managing User Voice Banks, Best Practice?"

Posted on: February 19, 2009 @ 03:50 PM
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Joined  03-24-2004
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With more free sound banks we currently have and more coming (thanks guys!), can someone shed some light on the intuitive way to manage these?  For example, how to create custom/favorite sound banks from these free sounds?  It seems to be more of an issue when the sound uses user wave files.

Is there a way to perform user voice librarian task via XS editor (I’m not looking for third party solution btw)?


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Posted on: February 19, 2009 @ 04:46 PM
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(This “may” have been least it says so,but I don’t “see” it.)

The XS Voice Editor “is” the way to go. I have the ES,but I have a ton of Voices,free and purchased (just a thought: you get what you “pay” for).

What I have done is run ALL of the voices I have through the ES and created folders via Voice Editor of the ones I “use”,like,feel like I ‘might’ use for certain things and even ones I don’t think I’ll ever use, and keep them in my computer(actually I have a Flash Drive and an external hard drive that they are in. I’m a bit excessive when it comes to saving). You can’t use but 2 Banks of voices in the ES at a time so you try to get in the ones you want to have on hand and leave room for edits that you can store in that particular bank.

It’s a lot of work and time consuming,but in the end you will not only have everything you want on hand,but should you want something that you have no room for at the moment, it’s around.

Im not “pushing” the “Total Library” by John Melas,but it has been REAL helpful. For “ME” it has been worth the expense.
Hope this helps. Good Luck

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