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Viewing topic "Anyone using Sonar control Surface with X8?"

Posted on: February 18, 2009 @ 11:36 AM
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Joined  02-15-2009
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Hi all

Just purchased an X8 and wondering if there is anything I need to know regarding the use and set up of Sonar with the Motif. I don’t want to use Cubase and have been a Calkwalk user since version one on a real 5 1/2” DOS floppy LOL

I tried Cubase a while ago and have a disdain for the dongle and copy protection. Cakewalk never used CP, One can install it on multiple computers legally and easily without worrying about losing some hardware key.

I wish Yamaha would have purchased Calkwalk instead of Steinberg. LOL

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 @ 04:42 PM
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The Motif XS works fine as a controller for Sonar. 

Press the [UTILITY] button to enter the Utility
mode then press the [F6] button and the [SF1]
button to call up the Remote Setting display
Set the DAW type to Sonar.
Press the [STORE] button to store this setting.

To set up the Remote in Sonar , just depends whether you are using Firewire or USB for MIDI.

1 Pull down the [Options] menu and select [MIDI
Devices] to call up the “MIDI Devices” window.
2 Add “Yamaha MOTIF XS6(7, 8)-2” or “mLAN MIDI In
(2)” to the Input Device, then add “Yamaha MOTIF
XS6(7, 8)-2” or “mLAN MIDI Out (2)” to the Output
3 Pull down the [Options] menu and select [Control
Surfaces] to call up the Control Surface window.
4 Click the [+] button, select “Mackie Control,” then set
the Input Port to “Yamaha MOTIF XS6(7, 8)-2” or “mLAN
MIDI In (2)” and set the Output Port to “Yamaha MOTIF
XS6(7, 8)-2” or “mLAN MIDI Out (2).”

FYI , this was copied from pages 51 and 52 of the manual.

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