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Viewing topic "Questions on mLAN and Logic8"

Posted on: February 15, 2009 @ 12:22 AM
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Just got my mLan card installed on my Motif XS6 today.  Everything works except the part that i wanted it to.

I mean, i can now use my Motif as audio output for my computer and all the MIDI and Audio are now linked to my mac using one cable.

The problem is I want to record audio from song mode maybe 3-4 tracks at the same time to my logic8.  I can’t get it to work.  Everything goes to the same track.  They’re not seperated.  It probably is about setting output on my XS and input on Logic8.  At least that’s what i can get out of the XS manual.

Appreciate all the helps.

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 @ 03:30 AM
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When working with the IEEE1394/mLAN function, you are supplied with 16 audio bus outputs from the Motif XS. The different PARTS of your MIXING setup can be routed to audio outputs from within the SONG > MIXING (or PATTERN > MIXING) setup.

Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press a track button [1]-[16] to select the PART
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF2] OUTPUT

Here you can assign each PART, in turn, to the various Outputs… the parameter is OUTPUT SELECT.
Normally a Motif XS PART is routed to “L&R;” (the main Left and Right Outputs).

Highlight the OUTPUT SELECT parameter
Press [SF6] LIST to view a list of potential output buses. These will translate as follows:

ASIO mLAN 01 and ASIO mLAN 02 = “L&R;”
ASIO mLAN 03 = m1
ASIO mLAN 04 = m2
ASIO mLAN 05 = m3
ASIO mLAN 06 = m4
ASIO mLAN 07 = m5
ASIO mLAN 08 = m6
ASIO mLAN 09 = m7
ASIO mLAN 10 = m8
ASIO mLAN 11 = m9
ASIO mLAN 12 = m10
ASIO mLAN 13 = m11
ASIO mLAN 14 = m12
ASIO mLAN 15 = m13
ASIO mLAN 16 = m14

You will need to send PARTS to mono Outputs or to a stereo pair of outputs (always listed as odd/even pairs, like “m1&2;”, “m3&4;”, “m5&6;”, etc.) Just remember that the first pair is the main LEFT and RIGHT.

Create your tracks in your DAW to receive audio according to how you have routed it from the XS.

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