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Viewing topic "Change Multi Part Voice via MIDI"

Posted on: February 20, 2022 @ 01:24 AM
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I have an external controller (Akai MPK49) connected by 5 pin DIN to my S70xs.  I have created a preset (patch) on the MPK49, that transmits MIDI on Ch 2.  I then created a Multi mix on the S70xs where the voice in the second part listens on Ch 2.

I am looking for a way that I can assign one of the many MPK49 controls (knob/slider) to change the Multi part voice assignment via MIDI.

For example, I have the second part of the Multi mix set to play an organ.  I’d like to be able to turn the knob/move the slider on the MPK and have the second part in the Multi mix change from an organ to some other voice on the S70xs.

I’ve looked over the S70xs manual and data list.  I’ve not been able to find (or recognize) any information on how to isolate the voice options within a Multi mix via MIDI.

All advice is appreciated.

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Posted on: February 20, 2022 @ 06:48 PM
- Henry -
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From the manual, I can tell that the MPK49 is able send Bank Select and Program Change messages from Program Change mode, and that the pads/buttons on the unit can be programmed to transmit a defined set of the same messages (i.e. selecting one specific voice) when pressed. The same messages can’t be assigned to a single encoder/slider, though.

In order to change the voice setting via MIDI, three MIDI messages are typically required on the same channel (Channel 2 in this case):

* CC 000 ### (Bank Select MSB, 0~127)
* CC 032 ### (Bank Select LSB, 0~127)
* Program Change ### (0~127)

The first two messages together define the preset/user bank, in which the desired voice is found. The third message selects the desired voice number within that bank. The actual Bank Select MSB/LSB and Program Change values that correspond to each bank and voice are found in the S70XS Data List.

Since all the banks on the S70XS have the same Bank Select MSB value of 63 (except for the GM and GM drum banks), it would be sufficient to set up two encoders/sliders: One to adjust the Bank Select LSB value, and one to adjust the Program Change value. This has in fact been done on other controller keyboards. Unfortunately, Program Change doesn’t seem to be assignable to the knobs of the MPK49, judging by the manual…

Best regards,

- H -

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