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Viewing topic "Cubase midi device files for PLG boards"

Posted on: December 29, 2018 @ 07:58 AM
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Joined  11-23-2003
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Has anyone created Cubase MIDI Device files (txt files) to allow you to select patches for the AN, DX and/or VL boards from Cubase?  I created some myself so I can try to upload them if they don’t already exist.  If they do exist I’d like a compare in case I missed any tricks…

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Posted on: January 01, 2019 @ 05:41 PM
Total Posts:  36
Joined  11-23-2003
status: Regular

Here they are, with these files you should be able to define your PLG boards under Cubase and select patches directly by name for preset, user and Plug-in voices for the DX, AN and VL boards.

The plug in voices match up to a Motif with AN in slot 1, DX slot 2 and VL slot 3, so use (MSB, LSB) 63, 70 ; 63, 73 and 63, 76 respectively.  If your host instrument is different you may need to do a find...replace on the plug in values.  But the preset and user values should be the same no matter where you have the board installed, so should work out of the box.

For the DX board, as well as presets, plug-in and user voices I included the AG voices in the left hand column, and the SFX voices, that’s still plenty of presets.

For the VL board the plug in voices are the ‘breath controller’ ones not the keyboard ones.  The presets are both (KB in PRE1 and BC in PRE2).

Remember you need to install these files under something like c:\ users\ \ AppData\ Roaming \ Steinberg \ Cubase 8_64\ Scrips\ patchnames \ inactive \ yamaha

Then you will need to ‘install’ the device using MIDI-> Device Manager under Cubase, and point the device at the appropriate MIDI channel / port.

Hope these are useful!  Any questions, improvements or requests let me know.


File Attachments
PLG150DX.txt  (File Size: 14KB - Downloads: 513)
PLG150AN.txt  (File Size: 13KB - Downloads: 549)
PLG150VL.txt  (File Size: 12KB - Downloads: 533)
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