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Viewing topic "Using PLG100-VH with split performance / assignable output."

Posted on: August 14, 2017 @ 09:40 AM
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Joined  08-14-2017
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Hi all.
I found one old thread related to this topic without a proper conclusion.
I’m using a PLG100-VH plug-in board with my S90 ES. Since the board is in fact an ins effect, is it possible to have it only respond to a certain part of a performance?
The case: I’m using layered/split performance of 4 voices split on 4 octaves. I’d like the PLG100-VH only to affect one part of the performance, e.g. only the bottom octave voice, without interfering with the other voices. Is that possible?
Related question: Can I make the PLG100-VH effects follow a part of a performance directed through an assignable output? The case: I have 4 parts in the performance and 1 of 4 is directed through an assignable output. I want the effect to follow that part only and thereby go through the assignable output and not the main output.

Hope that someone can help.


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