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Viewing topic "PLG150AP questions"

Posted on: December 12, 2013 @ 03:06 PM
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Joined  04-09-2008
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I recently bought a PLG150AP for my ES8 and very much like the richer piano sounds. I have a few questions I wander if some of the experts could help me with though:

When releasing the keys there is a ‘tambourine like’ noise. Do others have this problem, or is this an intentional layer of the voices on the PLG150AP, one that I could turn down? I have tried the other plug in slots on my ES8 and still get the noise.

Is it possible to use a voice from the PLG150AP in a performance, song or pattern? I currently only seem able play the voices on the PLG150AP in voice mode, but I would like to layer them with pads etc. from the internal ES8 voice bank.

My PLG150AP didn’t come with the CD. I’m not interested in the audio files, but would be interested in getting the other tools/files included if others know where I could get them from.

Many thanks in advance!

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