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Viewing topic "CS6R with PLG150-AN - how to change part volume by MIDI?"

Posted on: May 17, 2013 @ 05:14 AM
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Joined  04-04-2013
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I created an AN patch which uses the PLG’s seq for running a looped melody. It’s okay, I created a performance, using the PLG1 on MIDI 16th channel, and simple CS6 patches on other parts. I can set the P1 part’s volume by knob and it’s still, but when i set it over MIDI (CC7) then it’s volume starts “jumping”, so when the seq restarts, it’s volume jumps back to the original set with knob, then a first CC7 arrives it’s jumping to that value. This working on this way when I want to fadeout (in the finishing, it jumps loud for a tick in every seq begin) and when I want to fadein (in the finsihing, it jumps to silence for a tick in every seq begin).

Other (not PLG) parts working fine with CC7, but this one is not.
How can I set permanently that volume?


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