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Viewing topic "PLG (DX) board in pattern/song mode"

Posted on: May 03, 2011 @ 06:08 PM
Michiel D
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Hi there,

I purchased the DX plugin board and it’s great! I avoided all ‘theorie’ about slots, channels and parts but now I have to face the music ... Can’t figure out if it’s possible to use more than 1 voice from my DX board in pattern mode. For example, a EP on track 2, and a DX based bass on track 5 (with 1 dx board installed).
Another question: I’ve installed the board in slot 1, is it only possible to use a voice from the DX board in part 1 (again, in pattern mode)?

Thanks in advance for useful info!

Kind regards, Michiel

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Posted on: May 09, 2011 @ 07:01 PM
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No. The PLG150-series boards are all single PART boards. Means that your PLG150-DX is the equivalent of one DX7. You do have 3 slots and can place three DX boards which can be used as three separate DX7s or combined as one big DX7 with 48 Notes of polyphony!

If you PLG150-DX is in slot 1, then you can access the Voices on that board through the PART P1 (Plug-in 1)

PLG150-DX: A Getting Started Guide This article from 10 years ago, will help get you started. Sorry the link to the SynthTutorial has long since expired but hopefully the rest of the articl will help you get to know the PLG150-DX

Assigning your PLG150 Plug-in Board in a MIX or PERFORMANCE

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