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Viewing topic "PLG150-AN envelopes fail"

Posted on: October 27, 2010 @ 03:12 PM
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I got a PLG150-AN and I’ve been fiddling around with it for two days now. I’m using it in a MOTIF ES8, with Expert Editor. There is something fishy about the ADSR envelopes and the key mode (POLY-MONO-LEGATO) switch. Let’s say I create a sound with a dry sawtooth from one VCO. Let’s increase the VCA envelope generator release phase to get a slowly decaying tone. Observations:

1) When the KEY MODE is POLY, the ADSR/VCA seems to be working correctly. But now the tone sounds like there are two very close sawtooths playeing in unison, even though the UNISON is off. Very annoying harmonic interference-kinda sound. Not good. (This fault has nothing to do with VCA or it’s ADSR.)

2) When the KEY MODE is MONO, the VCA ADSR release phase is dead. When the release phase should start (note gate off), the sound dies immediately to almost complete silence, no matter what the release time setting is. Dead ADSR.

3) In LEGATO mode the “harmonic interference-kinda sound” is now corrected, and it sounds like it should, with just one clean sawtooth VCO. Now the ADSR in VCA is once again working, having a functional release phase. But now I have to play legato if I want the envelopes not to re-trigger with every keypress. I hate envelope re-trigger in an analog monosynth.

The bottom line is: Is my card dead? And, even if the ADSRs were to function correctly, what causes that “harmonic interference-kinda sound” in POLY mode, and even then, does this card have a no-retrigger type of envelope operation in MONO mode anyway? I have to come into conclusion quickly, since I still have 7 product return days left.

I attached a quick test report and some audio samples that hopefully clarify my problem. All I know by now is that it has something to do with the USB interface.

File Attachments
USB MIDI driver problem with PLG150-AN.pdf  (File Size: 430KB - Downloads: 1151)
poly_usb_init.mp3  (File Size: 552KB - Downloads: 821)
mono_usb_init.mp3  (File Size: 259KB - Downloads: 773)
legato_usb_init.mp3  (File Size: 335KB - Downloads: 691)
poly_usb_env.mp3  (File Size: 627KB - Downloads: 790)
mono_usb_env.mp3  (File Size: 511KB - Downloads: 1349)
legato_usb_env.mp3  (File Size: 493KB - Downloads: 1244)
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Posted on: November 03, 2010 @ 01:01 PM
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A quick scan of your USB connection setup reveals you may simply be experiencing a MIDI connection error.

Item 1: You have the PLG150-AN board set to PORT 2.

If you are in VOICE mode (one of your other screenshots seems to indicate this) then PORT 2 is a meaningless setting as when you are in VOICE mode on the host, the PLG150-series boards will always be addressed on PORT 1. The host product is always PORT 1 via USB

the PORT 2 setting would be when you are or you wish to address the PLG150-series board on a separate discreet PORT during multi-timbral operation… that is, SONG or PATTERN Mixing mode.

In SONG and PATTERN mode the internal 16 PARTS of the host product (Motif ES) are fixed to PORT 1, and you can select an alternate PORT for the PLG150-series boards installed in your ES. if you have multiple PLG150-series boards they will all change to the same PORT, since by definition each board is a single PART board.

You can leave this at PORT 2 (as the board is automatically addressed on PORT 1 when you enter VOICE mode), but just be aware that you are addressing the PLG150-AN board in PORT 1 when you are in VOICE mode. This is, however, not where the error occurs… the error, I believe is that you are addressing the PLG150-AN board at least twice due to routing of signal.

Item 2: So when we see your MIDI setup screen, we see what may be a simple error in routing… here is how to rectify your setup so that you are not getting a doubling of the signal when routing via the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver:

You should have the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT set to “Yamaha Motif ES-1” which you do, and this is why you are communicating with the PLG150-AN board in VOICE mode. It is on PORT 1.

But you also have the “MIDI THRU” set to “Yamaha Motif ES-1” this most likely the source of error if you still have LOCAL CONTROL = ON in the Motif ES. The THRU should be used only when you are working with LOCAL CONTROL = OFF
Press [F5] MIDI
Press [SF2] SWITCH
Set LocalCtrl = OFF

This, Local Control, if ON, is causing the signal to double. You are playing the Motif ES keys and triggering the PLG150-AN directly and looping it back from the Editor - giving you a tight ‘phasing’, if you will, as you double the MIDI signal back on itself.

Either set the MIDI THRU to None or set Local Control to OFF and let us know. The very slight alteration you hear in the signal is not a failure of the PLG150-AN envelopes but a very, very tight USB-MIDI delay (due to the routing error).

Hope that helps.

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