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Viewing topic "I can’t delete numerous NEWDIR’s"

Posted on: May 18, 2009 @ 08:43 PM
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Joined  12-08-2006
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I can’t seem to Delete unwanted Dir. I have about 3 . Some empty some not. I really don’t care what is in them I just want them gone.
I press ‘File’
type = ALL
I navigate to the NEWDIR01 and it is highlighted
I press F5 delete
I press Enter/Execute
It then displays ‘NEWDIR”
I press execute again and it shows me NEWDIR
I press execute and they both disappear…

I press Pattern button to get out of File..
I press File and everything starts all over again. The DIR never delete.

when I try to delete NEWDIR02 it displays..Not empty folder..
so what do i do with that...?It just won’t go away !!!

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Posted on: May 20, 2009 @ 10:28 PM
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Joined  07-30-2002
status: Moderator

It would help if you told use what keyboard you are using so we could give you specific help. But know this:

1) you cannot Delete a FOLDER with the Yamaha keyboard if that folder contains data. This is because of the context sensitive nature of the file system. You can only see data in a folder if that data can be loaded or opened by the keyboard in the mode you are in. THis is a safety valve so you cannot DELETE your work by mistake.

2) depending on what keyboard you have there are different button press routines. For example, with the Motif ES

If you have an empty directory (folder) name NEWDIR, you can highlight it and press the [F5] DELETE button
Immediately the cursor moves to the right (to DIR);
the NEWDIR is outlined (different from highlighted), and so is the word “DELETE” above [F5]…
at which time you press [ENTER] to Delete the folder.

If you get the message that the FOLDER is not empty, then you must highlight the folder and press ENTER to enter the folder and see what is in there… Delete that then you can delete the folder.

Hope that helps - if not let us know what product you own.

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Posted on: June 01, 2009 @ 09:23 AM
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Joined  03-07-2008
status: Guru

It is sometimes quicker and easier to do file management using a PC instead of the XS itself. If you are having trouble with the XS then plug the USB drive into your PC and perform the file maintenance you need from there.

Don’t forget to use the ‘Safely remove hardware’ feature in Windows (or the ‘Eject’ feature on the Mac, if you have one) to safely end the session before disconnecting the USB drive afterwards.


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