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Viewing topic "Using MotifXS8 to controll DAW"

Posted on: February 08, 2022 @ 01:02 PM
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Joined  12-12-2017
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I am just beginning to venture into the world of getting to use my Yamaha MotifXS8 as a MIDI controller for my DAW, Sonar/BandLab in the PC Windows world.

I’ve always had an audio/MIDI interface (MTrack2x2M) from my MotifXS8 to the computer, but I’ve never tried to set up the MotifXS8 as a controller for my DAW. I’ve seen in the manual that it looks like I need to connect via USB. Do I still need the MTrack2x2M connection at the same time? Has someone made these connections and is there a tutorial somewhere that I can study to get this accomplished. I’m interested in being able to control my DAW faders or panning or effects for example from my Motif.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

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