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Viewing topic "Hardware Synths vs VST Synths (What’s missing?)"

Posted on: March 28, 2021 @ 12:37 AM
Total Posts:  363
Joined  12-17-2013
status: Enthusiast

This debate has been going on for a decade or so, and will probably continue for a decade or more.

Computers are so powerful that many proponents of the VST argue that the VST sounds just as good, is more flexible, takes up less space, costs less, and is more accommodating of the workflow that happens within the Virtual Studio a.k.a the DAW.  They argue that a high quality VST totally captures the sound of its hardware equivalent.  The argument usually gravitates around what can easily and efficiently be produced in the context of the DAW.

But usually what’s missing is any real discussion concerning questions like:

How does it feel to perform live with a VST synth?
As a musician how do you feel (or how will you feel) about performing using a VST synth?
When you’re with musicians who play acoustic instruments what do they think about your VST?
Do the VST synths inspire you to practice or get better playing synths or learning music?
When talking with other musicians about their acoustic instruments how do you relay what you do?
Do you feel inspired to play music for your own enjoyment using your VST synth?
Are you proud of your VST in discussions with other musicians who have physical instruments?
Do you feel any emotional attachment to your VST synths?
How do your different VST synths feel under your fingers when you play them (the same?)
When inviting musicians/vocalists to your studio just to jam how does the VST synth work out?
When taking pictures/video with the band on stage with instruments how does the VST shot look?
During holidays when family/friends are visiting, does everyone gather around the VST synth and have musical fun?
How do you feel about the material, aesthetic, touch, and presence of your VST synth?
Do you consider your VST synth a thing of value?
How many musicians do you know that are really good at performing using the VST synth?
Have you played any romantic songs for your significant other(s) lately using your VST synth?
How does performing with VST instruments come off at weddings, funerals, family reunions,etc?
Do you admire how your VST synths accent the physical look of your studio?
Do you or would you brag or show off the fact you owned a particular VST to friends/family?
Do you or would you treat your VST instrument with care?
Do you include your VST synth/instruments in your Home Owner/Rental insurance?
If God forbid you get hit by a bus have you made provisions to pass on your VST synths to your loved ones?
Do you have fond memories of playing and performing on your VST synths?
Did your new VST synth have that brand new instrument smell when you played it for the first time?
What did your friends/family significant other think of your new VST synth when they saw it for the first time?
If money was no object which brand new VST synth would you download first?

Someway and somehow the question became all about workflow and cost, as opposed to playing, performing, enjoyment, endearment, sharing, and personal enrichment.  Of course we all have to make a living, and a professional has got to do what a professional has got to do.

But in deciding whether to purchase a virtual synthesizer vs a real physical synthesizer, or a virtual Instrument vs the real thing there’s way more to it than cost savings, space savings, and workflow.

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