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Viewing topic "Effects from voice mode to performance mode"

Posted on: October 17, 2019 @ 04:39 AM
Michiel D
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Hi there, I guess this issue is discussed more then once here on the forum, but couldn’t find the right docs/discussions to get it right working with the XF. If one could help me out (be it by pointing to the most helpful existing article of discussion)...thanks!

I want to make a performance with (say) 2 or 3 sounds. There is 1 voice (part now) that I want to sound exactly like it sounds in Voice mode. I remember you could ‘copy’ or maintian the insertion effects (just putting them ‘on’ of ‘ off’ in the performance?) and for the system effects you could copy the effects of this 1 voice to (all the voices in the) performance (and than set the effect send level to the right level).

Is this correct and how does the ‘copy effect’ operation’ work ... ?

Thanks again!

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