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Viewing topic "No sound and control panel assembly malfunction."

Posted on: July 21, 2019 @ 07:20 PM
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Joined  04-01-2005
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Hello Motifators,

I have an issue with my Motif XF7. One of the keys popped out a bit due to rough handling on a gig. I opened up to repair and just accidentally managed to loose the backlight power cable (second I never learn). Had to remove the DM board to get to the ML board for repair

Upon closing back the keyboard, the control panel assembly buttons were not lit and didn’t respond to input. I retraced my steps (down to the ML board and double checked all connections. Before reassembling, I tried to power on and everything worked.

Well everything worked except one small issue. If I play at full volume or increase the velocity of striking the keys, there will be some crackling/distortion. The following post seems to detail a similar issue except that in my case, additionally, the control pane assembly didn’t work. []

I must note that once I attempted fitting up every component, including the metal plate over the DM board (see pictures), I would not get sound nor control panel assembly to function.
When the keyboard is on, gently fiddling with the FFC between the DM and JA (output) circuit boards cause alot of ‘crackling’ and intermittent sound.

I therefore assumed that the issue is with that specific 40 pin FFC between the DM and JA boards (Part#: WH174600 / WH174601). Quite inexpensive...the shipping costs more than the cable.
Ordered from As I live in the Caribbean, awaiting for a few extra days. Saw FFCs on ebay with the same specs. Might purchase as backup.

I am no electronics person. Just been browsing the forums and trying to understand the service manual. Any ideas regarding my issue. I have no surety that what I purchased would solve the problem.

Note: It bad that I didn’t update my a previous post for the benefit of the forum ( Problem was resolved.
It was power connection on ML board as detailed above (see picture). Only realized this when I’m in trouble again (sorry motifators).

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Posted on: July 31, 2019 @ 08:44 PM
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Joined  04-01-2005
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So an update....installed the new cable (Part#: WH174601) and everything is now back normal.

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