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Viewing topic "Yamaha Motif xs rack editor in Sonar X3"

Posted on: January 20, 2017 @ 06:59 AM
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Joined  01-20-2017
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Greetings all - my first visit here.

I’m new to the Motif XS rack module and I’ve been trying for sometime, without success to make the editor work in Sonar X3.

The editor is the latest download and the program runs and displays as it should, but when inserted as a VST3 in Sonar, midi data from either of my two keyboards is not passed to the module i.e. I get no sound. Sonar does show the keyboard data on its bar gragh.

I’ve been onto Yamaha UK who have twice sent me a “simple” set of instructions to make sure ports I/O etc are configured correctly, but it made no difference.

I also have a Roland Integra 7 and its editor works fine.

I’ve asked Yamaha to take control using Teamview and check out what’s wrong , but they don’t want to do that for some reason.

Anyone else had trouble using their Motif in Sonar or suggest what the problem might be? ...Maybe me??!!

I’ve had to resort back to midi I/O ti just use the module which is a real pain!

Best, Mike

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