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Viewing topic "Water into wine"

Posted on: September 03, 2016 @ 03:11 AM
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Joined  09-13-2014
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Redid this - to better sync drums per Mister Motif…

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Posted on: September 06, 2016 @ 02:05 PM
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Nice 60’s-ish track. Your voice reminds me a bit of Al Stewart. The drums are the only thing I’d say you could improve on a bit. Drums sound a little stiff; especially the fills. But nice instrumentation in general and the song has good momentum and general vibe.

Well done!

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Posted on: September 06, 2016 @ 06:41 PM
Mighty Motif Max
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Love this song! The style reminds me of Rich Mullins. Great guitar solo, was this all done on a keyboard? Your profile doesn’t indicate what you have! If not, it’s a great song anyway!!! I really like the chord sequence on the chorus. You ended it almost like I would have, you know, quieter and softer. Good job!


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Posted on: September 07, 2016 @ 01:45 AM
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Thanks for the comments.

Mr. Motif - I appreciate the comment on the drums. I agree with you. Still trying to learn how to make a convincing drum groove. Last year - you made a comment about putting the solo in the middle of a song instead of the end. So the guitar solo is actually an attempt at doing that.

Max - my gear is: MOXF6 and Komplete 9 Ultimate by Native Instruments. On this track - I originally did all the tracks on the MOXF - and then copied the midi data and plugged in instruments from Komplete. Instruments don’t always play back well. So there’s a lot of tweaking involved - especially with all the articulations available for the Komplete instruments.

So yes the guitar is an emulation done on Keyboard. I used Pettinhouse Humbucker guitar 2.

I am finding that sometimes the sound of the MOXF is closer to what I’m looking for. So lately I am using a combination of MOXF and Komplete sounds.

Again - thanks for the reviews!

Blessings to you!


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