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Viewing topic "Reassigning Portamento switch to the sustain pedal (CC64)"

Posted on: March 19, 2016 @ 02:01 PM
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Joined  01-25-2011
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I’m putting together a tune with a long portamento time on a patch that I want to switch in and out. I’d like to use the sustain pedal to do this.

In the Motif Editor (using a Motif Rack XS):
1. Select the patch in the mixer window.
2. Expand the RCV/Control Set window

I can’t see CC64 (sustain pedal) under the Control Source dropdown
Though I see Portamento time on the Control Destination dropdown, I don’t see Portamento switch or On/Off - though the editor itself has a switch for portamento.

I’d be fine using any other controller as well (e.g., mod wheel).

Is the only way to control this to use a 127 step CC like the mod wheel, and assign it to team with a value of 63 (the max) so that it takes on the time of the portamento control itself? Of course I would have to turn that control off for any other Voice in the multi.

Thanks -

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