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Viewing topic "Baffled by no MIDI FW to Mac"

Posted on: February 14, 2016 @ 02:59 PM
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Joined  02-09-2016
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Hi, I am baffled.  I installed an AKAI MPC Touch recently.  It seems to appear along with my Motif via Firewire into Logic.  The problem is that I only seem to be able to record audio from my Motif now, and cannot use to generate MIDI into Logic. 

I am wondering if this could be a conflict between AKAI and the new El Capitan driver?  I deinstalled and reinstalled the FW driver and the problem persists.  I cannot comprehend why my computer is receiving audio but no MIDI from the computer.

Does anybody have any experience, suggestions, responses?  I have posted on this subject before but I am not getting any response and it is extremely frustrating.


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