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Viewing topic "Alesis Masterlink & M-Audio SP-5B monitors"

Posted on: July 29, 2002 @ 10:17 PM
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Joined  07-29-2002
status: Newcomer

Just wanted to give some budget recommendations for use with the motif.

This is especially for those that had problems with low signal from the optical
out.  I have had good results going direct to the Alesis Masterlink.  Essentially,
I mix from motif to the Alesis Masterlink - where I then do the mastering &
burning to Redbook or high resolution.  Cheaper than those opting for
the triton with burner & gives better results!

Also, the M-Audio SP-5B powered monitors are more than pretty decent (for
$250 /pair )… They give pretty flat response… & sound damned good with the
motif ...

Just in case there are others working on a budget as I do…

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