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Viewing topic "Loading my own .wav for voices."

Posted on: February 06, 2009 @ 09:11 AM
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Joined  12-08-2006
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Using my ES6 in Voice mode. (USR1 #1280) I want a voice patch of nothing but samples across the keyboard.

From Voice Usr1 -128
I press File / waveform/ load

in the display
voice - on
waveform 0001
keybank C3
I select my “hey” wave at the right and press enter.

In the same screen I then move the “waveform” to 0002
keybank to D3
usr1-128 is still displayed

I select another .wav of ‘yeah”

I press enter.
Now, when I go to Voice Usr1-128 I press C3 I get no sound. I press D3 I hear ‘yeah”

What the Hey !? ....or shall I say Where the Hey ?

While reading other post I believe it would be better to do this as a drum kit. so the samples will play with one quick press of a key.

Do I need to load in my waves somewhere else first to make them avail. in the list of waves when I try to build a drum kit.?

Thanks for any help

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Posted on: February 06, 2009 @ 09:29 AM
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Re: Loading my own .wav for voices.

If you MOVE a sample from Waveform 0001 Keybank C3 to waveform 0002 D3… it no longer is in Keybank C3 in Waveform 0001

If you live in Chicago on State Street, and you MOVE to San Francisco on Market Street, I contend it would be the same thing… you are no longer in Chicago on State Street… becaused you “MOVED”.

Perhaps what you wanted to do was COPY and not MOVE.

it is not clear (at all) what it is you are attempting to do…
If you are attempting to map your sample across several keys - you do not need MOVE and you do not need COPY… you simply do the following:

Select the Waveform 0001 (which is mapped to C3)
Press [EDIT]
Press [F4] RANGE
Set the NOTE Range you want for this sample from C-2 Through G8

Hope that helps.

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