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Viewing topic "Devices Menu ‘Yamaha 01X’ and ‘Motif XS’ entries"

Posted on: February 03, 2009 @ 05:25 PM
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Joined  02-12-2007
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Been meaning to ask this for ages - what is the purpose of the above items in Cubase’s Devices menu please?

If you click on ‘Yamaha 01X’, (in the devices menu) a small window pops up with ‘Yamaha 01x’ in the title bar and ‘mixer’ in a drop-down box as the only possible selection. Same applies to the ‘Yamaha Motif XS’ entry in the devices menu.

I have a feeling this is going to be very obvious once one of you kind people answers this ......



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Posted on: February 04, 2009 @ 08:37 PM
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Re: Devices Menu ‘Yamaha 01X’ and ‘Motif XS’ entries

If you have added the Yamaha 01X and/or the Motif XS as remote controllers in your DEVICE > DEVICE SETUP > REMOTE DEVICES folder, they will be listed under the Device menu. They are listed as Mixers because both can be used as alternative mixers for Cubase.

If you click on them a small window opens that simply states Yamaha 01x (Mixer), or Motif XS (Mixer) ... When you save a Cubase Project you can leave these little Windows open to remind yourself which device was used to control the mix.

For example, I have sessions I did with Cubase from a few years ago because over the years I have added different Remote Devices (KX, 01X, Motif XS, 01V96v2, 02R96v2) I usually leave one of the little windows open (it then gets saved with the Project) so that when I open the file (years later) I have a clue what I used as the control surface.

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Posted on: February 05, 2009 @ 02:41 PM
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Joined  02-12-2007
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Re: Devices Menu ‘Yamaha 01X’ and ‘Motif XS’ entri


Makes perfect sense - thank you.

BTW - I noticed that the CC121 does have options in the drop-down box for: -

Monitor Control
Studio Control
User Assignable

which (of course) fits nicely with your explanation.



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