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Viewing topic "“Firmware Version Error” using Editor/SM"

Posted on: February 02, 2009 @ 09:27 PM
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Joined  02-01-2009
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How do I use firewire connections? 

Please provide detailed information on how I should set-up my home studio to record in Pro tools using my XS7 as a tone generator.  Please tell me I haven’t wasted my money?

Also, trying to use editor/studio manager as standalone keep getting error message “Firmware Version Error”.  Thanks.

MacBook Pro, 4g ram, Protools le 8 factory, Mbox 2 pro, XS7

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Posted on: February 03, 2009 @ 06:09 AM
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Re: “Firmware Version Error” using Editor/SM

First, you haven’t wasted your money.

Next, a Firmware Version Error is an indication that you have not updated your hardware’s operating system and this is preventing you from finding connection happiness. This is easily rectified by visiting the official download page for the Motif XS:

[url=] [/url]

The current versions of firwmare for your Motif XS will be found here. If the operating system of your hardware (called “firmware") does not match the program you are attempting to run (Studio Manager/Editor) you will get a firmware error. The “Motif XS” operating system and the “mLAN16E2” expansion board both have firmware updates on this webpage

The Motif XS is currently working with Operating System version 1.12 (you will find this at the top of the page). You can check your current Firmware by doing the following.
Press [UTILITY] to enter Utility mode
While in UTILITY mode hold down the following three buttons simultaneously [UTILITY] + [UP CURSOR] + [F1]
The scree will show the current Firmware… if any thing but 1.12.xx download and follow the installation instructions.

As you scroll down you will find the latest version of the Studio Manager version 2.3.0 and the Motif XS Editor version 1.1.1 (new as of today Feb 3, 2009).

Farther down you will find the AI Driver This is the ASIO driver that allows you to connect the mLAN16E2 to the computer via firewire - get the one appropriate for your computer OS.

The Yamaha Extensions fo Steinberg DAW version 1.4.1 (useful if you are using Steinberg software)…

Very important also is the IEEE1394 Firmware Updater 1.06 This is most likely what you need - this will flash the firmware of the mLAN16E2 and update it to latest version. It too comes with an installation guide. Follow the instructions.

Take your time and once you have your Motif XS, and your mLAN16E2 up to the compatible versions you will no longer get the error message.

If you get stuck post back here.  While downloading the data, take the time to read the message on the official page. It will give you a good idea of what it is each thing does.

Then once you have downloaded the item, make sure when you go to install them, that you read the Installation Guide that comes with the download. (I know this is obvious, but if you read through this forum, it is astonishing how many people do not read the provided information).

Let us know.

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