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Viewing topic "Motif Es - song to wav?"

Posted on: February 01, 2009 @ 07:44 AM
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Joined  02-01-2009
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I bought dimm memorys to my motif. I have problem to save song directly to wav in usb storage.. Is it even possible to do so?

- Panu

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Posted on: February 01, 2009 @ 09:19 AM
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Re: Motif Es - song to wav?

Yes, look around for the solution with “resampling”: digital quality.
Sorry, got to go now.


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Posted on: February 01, 2009 @ 02:43 PM
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Re: Motif Es - song to wav?

From a previous post:

Here’s the step-by-step...From a previous post:

Complete your Song and SAVE the data to your USB drive before setting up to resample.

Converting to Wav
In order to convert a song/pattern to a wav file you have to Resample it - then convert just that waveform to .wav

You would create a mix to balance the instruments the way you like them. Select a target track, then press the [INTEGRATED SAMPLING] button.

Setup the Functions:
[F2] (Source) Type = “Sample”
By selecting the Sample type the Integrated Sampling Sequencer (ISS) will not create any NOTE-ON data in your sequence, it will just simply add a new sample waveform to the waveform list;
Source = “Resample”;
Mono/Stereo = “Stereo”;
Frequency = “44.1k”
[F1] (Dest) = C3 is the default note.

Target either an empty track or the track on which you are going to play (if you are going to play along). If all tracks are full, don’t worry, you can still Resample anyway.
Press [F6] REC Standby:
Trigger mode = “Manual”
Press Start on the sequencer and check your levels. If too low, set the REC GAIN higher +6bB or +12dB, if the level is to high (clipping- you will see a lightning bolt) lower the GAIN to -6dB or -12dB.
When you have checked the levels, press STOP and return to the top of the SONG/PATTERN.

Press [F6] to Start the Resample, Press PLAY to begin recording the Resample. The Motif ES will draw the wave as it samples. When the song is over press STOP.

Once you have recorded your Resample simply
Press FILE
Press F2 SAVE
Select TYPE = Wav or aiff as necessary
Cursor down and name the file
Select the TRACK and KEYBANK (Press SF1 AUDITION to ensure your sample is there)
Press ENTER to save it

Now you can shuttle the song over to your computer. DO NOT SAVE this version of the Song - No need - all you want is the .wav data.

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