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Viewing topic ".MID (SMF) files playback"

Posted on: January 27, 2009 @ 09:14 AM
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Hi Experts,

Could you please help me with this? Whenever i load some free .mid files downloaded from the net into my MO6 and play it as a song or as a patter ALL THE TRACK VOICES ARE SET TO PIANOS (including the track 10 - drums).
Years back i had a psr295 and the .mid files worked just fine, playing with the same original voices on every track (as heard in my laptop).
A friend of mine just bought a MM6 and he doesnt have to do anything in his keyboard to hear the same track voices as recorded by the author....

Please help me, i have tried the “track voice” option all set to off and all set to on but nothing works..... all voices in the mid file reproduced in my MO6 are pianos. I have to change them everytime i loaded them into the Mo and that sucks.... please help!!!!!

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 @ 11:20 AM
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Re: .MID (SMF) files playback

This is discussed a lot of this board, search the board for general midi file, or general midi, and look for bad mister posts.

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 @ 12:05 PM
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Re: .MID (SMF) files playback

Hi Mr Tacman

I am sorry but i have been looking all day within the forum searching for the answer to this question, please do not think i havent searched so far.... maybe i am looking in the wrong links or not making a good query..... i have been looking with the following search words and still no luck:

- midi
- playback SMF
- general midi (maybe i didnt see the right one)
- GM

Maybe i still do not understand the answers and they are right in front of me… anyway i will be still searching but if someone has any information for me that could be helpful i will really appreciate that a lot.


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Posted on: January 27, 2009 @ 12:41 PM
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Re: .MID (SMF) files playback

Quick copy from a previous Brad Weber post: “First off, if the MIDI files that you are loading are properly formatted General MIDI files they will include a GM Reset system exclusive command and program changes in order to setup the target instruments for each track.”

This makes me wonder if the files you are downloading contain the program change commands. You can actually look at (and edit) midi with software, or via the MO sequence edit function. If you really like the midi files, it is worth using the edit function to insert program change data before any notes play. I think you can also just hit record (at start of sequence), assign voices you want to tracks, and then hit stop (without actually pressing the play button). This should write the SMF voice numbers to the start of the file. Then save the file as a smf with a new name. If you find many of the midi files use the same voices on the same tracks, you could create a mixing template and call it up after loading the SMF.

Hope this helps.

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Posted on: January 28, 2009 @ 01:34 AM
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Re: .MID (SMF) files playback

Basically the mo is set to all pianos. You have to change them manually or if your GM file has program changes in it then put the mo into GM mode.
The GM voices are nice but quite limited, it’s really better for some purposes to pick your voices by hand and find a really great sounding guitar part or whatever.

Here’s some stuff pasted from a Bad Mister post:

From many previous posts............................................

[url=] [/url]

If you want to play GM MIDI files on the MO, the file should start with a GM reset command as the very first event
F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7

All properly prepared General MIDI files will start with this message. If this command is not at the top of your track then you should start with a GM TEMPLATE.

From SONG mode (or Pattern mode)
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Press [F1] INIT
Put an ‘x’ in the box that says GM.
Press [ENTER]
Press [YES] to execute
This will place Concert Grand on all tracks, and GM drums on 10 (the same as a GM Reset message would do)

You can store this GM Template as one of your 32 MIX TEMPLATES which you can recall anytime you want to play a GM file. MIX TEMPLATES remain in memory even after power down.

Attached find a small .mid file that illustrates how a properly prepared MIDI file will automatically select the right voices - the first event on Track 1 is a GM RESET - this sets all Parts to MSB 0, LSB 0, Program Change 1 (except 10 which goes to MSB 127, LSB 0, Program Change 1). All Parts are set at a volume of 100 and are panned Center… Following the RESET, the author is free to select any sound in the unit, change pan position, Volume if they wish, add effect send levels etc., etc., etc. This is proper GM protocol.

If your files do not follow proper protocol you are likely to get pianos playing drum parts or worse… it depends on the quality of the data and the author’s where-with-all...(they may never expect anyone to play it back on anything but a device that is simply restricted to a GM soundset, your MO is not restricted to a GM soundset… We use this file to show how GM protocol works… just load it as SONG into a blank song location, press play…

Hope this helps. ..............................................

From a previous post on the subject…

Problems with GM Files
The GM RESET message is “F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7”
This message will set all channels to Piano except 10 which should go to drums. All GM files have a setup measure at the start of the song, in which all the program change and mix data is stored in System Exclusive messages and Control Change messages. The System Exclusive messages are usually found on track 1, and the Control Change and Program Change messages are found on the each track (as these messages are channel specific). Because GM modules do not necessarily have a method to STORE the multi setup, the mix data must be included in the setup measure (of the sequence).

If you have a file that is doing something different - it was probably prepared on some product that forced you to use track 10 for drums ( a product where you have no choice) when this happens the author usually gets lazy and forgets that other products might not have that limitation (your Yamaha products do not limit you to drums on any specific track - what if you don’t need drums because you are doing a classical piece??). or what if you want to use drums on 8 tracks???

So the author only put a Program Change without a Bank Select message...this may cause you a problem when you use the Motif ES or S90 ES.

Look on track 10, in your sequencer’s Event list (in the Motif ES you would press Track Select 10 while in SONG mode, then press EDIT) - the author of the file did not use the Bank Select commands that tell a receiving unit to select the DRUM KIT bank. You may see xxx-xxx-000. This means they left out the important Bank Select commands.

Simply replace this Bank Select and Program Change:
MSB = 127
LSB = 000
PC = 000
This will recall the Stereo GM drum kit.

The non-drum tracks will need to have 000-000-PC The MSB = 000 and LSB = 000 tell the track to select a Normal musical instrument sound. the PC tells it which musical instrument sound.

The default mix for the Motif ES is 063-000-000 (definitely not GM) but below I explain how you can start with a GM mix ...

In the Motif ES sequencer you will see a PC (Program Change event) written as follows:


this is called a “packed Voice event” - it combines the MSB-LSB-PC into a single event rather than having to have 3 separate messages. Therefore drums on channel 10 would be 127-000-000

A GM Piano would be 000-000-000.

You can make a GM Template.
From SONG mode
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Press [F1] INIT
Check the box that says “GM”
Press [ENTER], Yes to execute
This will reset the Mixing setup with piano on all PARTS except 10 which will be GM drums.

you can store this TEMPLATE in your Motif ES for quick recall (better than doing a Facotry Set)… Here’s how
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
there are 32 Templates
Moving the cursor rename number 1 = “GM setup”
Press [SF5] PUT
This will place the current GM default mix in Template number 1.
When you need to recall it you simply call up a blank song or pattern location
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Press [SF4] GET
This will recall the GM template and restore to the current Mixing setup.

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