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Viewing topic "Motif Rack XS VSTi Editor"

Posted on: January 07, 2009 @ 02:28 PM
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Joined  09-25-2008
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I’m a new user of the motif rack xs and Cubase AI4, Im having a lot of trouble getting the two to work together.

1) i cant hear any sound when i click the keys on the edtior, the rack and software editor do recognize each other, when i change a sound on the editor it changes on the rack and vise versa, but i cant get any sound 2 play from the rack.

1 a) i dont have any monitors connected directly 2 the rack cuz i was told by a expert from yamaha that i should be able to hear the sound through the monitors connected to my computer..(i dont know if this is true or not)

2) when i open up an instumental track, and try 2 open up a VSTi i dont see the motif rack xs editor or (studio manager) like in this video below…

[url=] [/url]

Can anyone help me with these problems, i need a tutorial DVD 4 the rack cuz im a lil lost. lol

o and im using a PC. and im also using the mLAN card with firewire not USB.


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Posted on: January 07, 2009 @ 06:09 PM
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Re: Motif Rack XS VSTi Editor

The Motif-Rack XS EDITOR VST is due to be released soon. You don’t see it because you do not have the Motif Rack XS Editor VST yet.

When it is released you will be able to download it from [url=] [/url]

For help with any computer related problem you need to provide more information. You have Motif-Rack XS that is clear and you have Cubase AI4 but what is missing is:
What type of computer
Running what operating system
What version of Cubase AI4 are you using
What is your controller
Do you have Studio Manager installed (what version)
Do you have the Motif-Rack XS Editor (which is different from the Motif-Rack XS EDITOR VST - which not yet available)

We don’t know what “expert from yamaha” you were talking to but you DO need to connect the Motif-Rack XS to a sound system… It will not use the speakers connected to your computer… Sorry for that confusion… but computer speakers are really just not sufficient - and since the mLAN Card in the Motif-Rack XS turns it into your soundcard, quite naturally it follows that you connect the speakers to the device acting as your soundcard. Make sense?

Let us know.

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Posted on: January 07, 2009 @ 06:27 PM
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Joined  09-25-2008
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Re: Motif Rack XS VSTi Editor

Ok im using a windows PC, and im using the cubase AI4 that came with the Motif Rack XS, i have the latest version of everything, i downloaded it all from what i ment by not using monitors i ment the soud from the rack would go through the speakers connected 2 my compter, and i think thats what u were telling me about mLAN becoming my soundcard. And yes i must jus have the editor and not the vsti editor.

and thanks 4 the quick reply.

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Posted on: January 30, 2009 @ 09:47 AM
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Re: Motif Rack XS VSTi Editor

Just to clarify ,when the next Motif Rack Vsti editor is released,will this eliminate the need for the studio manager,if all you choose to run is the XS RACK Vsti editor?

Thanks in advance..

Any idea when this will be released?

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