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Posted on: December 10, 2008 @ 04:50 PM
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How do I Set up the Motif ES6 to Sonar Home Studio 6.  PLEASE SEND ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. HAVE A BLESSED DAY

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Posted on: December 10, 2008 @ 05:56 PM
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Joined  10-20-2008
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Re: Setting up

Ya know I just went through all this a few weeks ago and have asked the same questions.  Lemme see what I remember although I am using an XS and a different version of Sonar…

You have to decide which way you are going to communicate with the MOTIF.  Midi cable, USB or MLan.  I haven’t done the MLan so I can’t help you there.  If you use standard midi cables ( In/Out ) you have to tell the MOTIF that is what you are doing.  This can be set under the “UTILITY” button.  This works well for most usual communications between a sequencer and a synthesizer.  If you use USB, then you will have to download/install a USB driver ( it may be on a CD that came with your MOTIF ) and tell the MOTIF that you are using USB.  This is done in the same place as you set the midi cable under “UTILITY”.  I am using the USB because this is easier than having In/Out cables going all over my studio.  All traffic goes through the single USB cable!

The other thing you need to do under UTILITY is set which sequencer you are using, in your case SONAR.  Beyond that, you have to set up your Sonar midi devices and tracks…

I cannot remember the download URL for the driver at the moment but I’ll bet one of the gurus will post it here for you shortly.  When you download/install its like all USB stuff, your communications will happen like magic.

Main thing to remember on my XS and I’ll bet on your ES is that all voices are set to transmit and receive on channel 1.  The only way to really change that is to use SONG or PATTERN MODE when using an external sequencer.

I think that covers it.  If there is anything I have left out I’m sure one of the gurus will cover it with you.

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