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Viewing topic "Looking for soft carrying case"

Posted on: November 14, 2008 @ 12:32 PM
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I’m trying to find a small light weight soft case to carry my ES-Rack around with.  Can’t seem to find anything like this on the internet.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Posted on: November 15, 2008 @ 10:14 PM
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Joined  04-14-2008
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Re: Looking for soft carrying case


I once was looking for same thing, and this is the closest thing I found, I think is not totally soft but semi-rigid, but maybe is what you’re looking for:

[url=] [/url]

Note: I don’t work for that company but maybe I should get a comission for advertising them


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Posted on: November 16, 2008 @ 08:03 PM
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Re: Looking for soft carrying case

You also have soft case on Motifmart (, although it is intended both for rack and laptop. But, even if you don’t take a laptop, extra space is always good.


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