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Viewing topic "PLG150 AN in Motif 8 - How to store sounds?"

Posted on: November 12, 2008 @ 08:44 AM
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Joined  10-26-2007
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I’ve got the AN Expert Editor talking to the PLG150 AN in my Motif 8, but I can’t find a way to store the edited sound. It plays ok whilst editing but as soon as I try to store the sound in the user area it reverts to the old preset.

Could someone please help? - sorry if this is a really basic question.


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Posted on: November 12, 2008 @ 09:07 AM
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Joined  07-30-2002
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Re: PLG150 AN in Motif 8 - How to store sounds?

Custom PLG150-AN Voices (those created with the Editor) must be loaded to the PLG150-AN RAM bank locations each time you power up. RAM is volatile and will disappear when you power down. The PLG150-AN has a RAM bank on the board which contains the Voices you created with the AN Expert Editor. Being volatile, RAM must be restored each time you remove power. Here’s how to deal with this.

So you would have to either:
1) Restore the PLG150-AN custom Voices each time from the AN Editor Expert Editor
2) Restore the PLG150-AN custom Voices each time from a special FILE on your SmartMedia card.

The Motif provides for a special SAVE routine so that you can back up your custom Voice data. Lets say, for example, your PLG150-AN is in slot 1 of the Motif. You would create your Voices or load them in from the Editor, and then back them up using the FILE TYPE = PluginAllBulk1

PluginAllBulk1 = slot 1
PluginAllBulk2 = slot 2
PluginAllBulk3 = slot 3

You can save the custom PLG150-AN Voices via the PluginAllBulk file type for the slot you have your PLG150-AN board located… You can either manually load this file or you can make it part of your AUTO LOAD routine. (the motif will automatically load both your ALL data file and a special PLG Bulk Voice data file for each plugin slot containing a PLG150-series board.

From the Power User guides on the PLG150-AN (From the CLASSIC Home Page: Behind the Manual section of this site) .................................................... :

Once you have bulked your custom sounds to the AN RAM bank and have made your Voice edits, back up the Voices to
SmartMedia or SCSI and the custom Voices to a “PluginAllBulk” type file.

When you have a fully loaded MOTIF you can automate your boot-up condition. For example, say that you have a PLG150-DX in slot 1, a PLG150-VL in slot 2 and a PLG150-AN in slot 3, create the following files:

An ALL data file named “AUTOLOAD.w2a” This saves all USER Voices (including the PLUG-IN Voices but not the custom, ‘from scratch’ RAM banks of the PLG150 series), Performances, system…everything but the PLG150 custom Voices.

Create a PluginAllBulk1 file named “AUTOLD1.w2b” to save the 64 custom DX RAM user bank 035/000

Create a PluginAllBulk2 file named “AUTOLD2.w2b” to save the 6 custom VL RAM user bank 033/002

Create a PluginAllBulk3 file named “AUTOLD3.w2b” to save the 128 custom AN RAM user bank 036/002

If your files are named exactly like above, you can then point the startup AUTO LOAD routine to this folder
Press [F1] GENERAL
Press [SF4] OTHER
then use GET above [SF5]).
One set of auto load files can be in the root directory at a time. Or if you have several different sets of loads, you can make FOLDERS to contain your auto load files. Name the FOLDER something that identifies one auto load from another (since they all will have the same names). If you play live, it would be smart to save them in folders designated for each set - i.e., Set1, Set2, Set3, Set4, etc. Now when you power up the MOTIF, it will restore all your work automatically.

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Posted on: November 12, 2008 @ 12:48 PM
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Joined  10-26-2007
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Re: PLG150 AN in Motif 8 - How to store sounds?

Thanks for the quick reply! That answer covers everything I want it to do - the autoloading completes the scene so that when I load a song for live performance all the custom AN sounds are already up.

Once again thanks for helping out. This forum is great!


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