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Posted on: July 02, 2003 @ 02:34 AM
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Correct me if I am wrong, but what it says is that Yamaha WANTED to offer an upgrade for the price of three plg cards, but instead, they give :  A certificate for an extra one year parts and labor warranty, a getting motifated DVD, the new Motif ES DVD, a 25% discounts on Yamaha items IF you sell your motif and buy an ES.

As I see it, I dont think I could be able to sell my Motif for much more than 1200 (even less in October...). So even if I get two DVDs and a one year warranty, I still have to pay at least 700 more dollars to pay to get the new model ( I don’t need other Yamaha items).

So, upgrading to an ES is an option that will not cost you more than the price of three plg cards ONLY if you also buy the 400$ hard case, plgs cards, pedals,etc, with the 25% rebate.

I think the new Motif ES looks like a killer synth, but if I have to find a buyer for my old motif and still pay 800$, I prefer buying a second hand roland XV rack with a SRX expansion to compliment my Motif Classic.

Did I get it, or Yamaha also offer to exchange the motif for the price of three PLG cards ?

Opinions, thoughts, answers ?

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Posted on: July 02, 2003 @ 02:50 AM
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Re: About the exchange program...

We think that the Motif ES is worth $700 dollars. 

Here’s just some of what you get for that $700-

Twice the polyphony
Twice the wave ROM
8 Insert effects
Master Effect
16 part EQs
twice the sequencer memory
1700 arpeggios
Loop Remix
Ribbon controller

We’’ll stop there, but say one last thing, the original Motif is still a great instrument and lots of great music is till going to be made using it.  So take your time , keep making music and remember that you won’t even be able to try oput a Motif Es until Octover ( in the US).

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Posted on: July 02, 2003 @ 03:34 AM
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Re: About the exchange program...

Thanks for the reply.

Well, I think I’ll have to wait until october to make my choice. If the new Orchestral ROM is as good as the Roland Complete Orchestra Card, I might go for the EX…

I love playing music, but I just HATE buying equipement…

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