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Viewing topic "Assigning Outputs in Sonar"

Posted on: October 13, 2008 @ 05:10 AM
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I did a little searching on this topic to no avail.  I am using a MOES7 with a AIEB2 output card.  I am running Sonar 6PE connected to the keyboard via MIDI.  By default, all audio triggered by MIDI events is routed to the main L/R outputs.  What I want to do is to route particular tracks to particular outputs as they are triggered by MIDI events.  What this will do for me is to make multi track recording go much quicker by being able to route and record up to 10 tracks at once rather than 2 (Main L+R).  Any ideas???

Thanks.  msr

/forums/images/icons/smile.gif alt= I think I may have been able to answer my own question by reading the MIDI data table manual that came with the MOES (yes this book can be helpful).  I think I need to embed a serices Sysex commands in my sequence in Sonar.  For instance to set the output of MIDI channel 1 to the AS-1&2 outputs on the AIEB2 card I would send the following Sysex command:

F0 43 10 7F 00 37 00 1E 09 F7


F0 43 10 7F 00 is Change Native Address for the MOES
37 00 1E is the address of part #1
09 is the data input for AS1+2
F7 is the end of statement

For those Sysex heads out there, does this look right???

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Posted on: October 31, 2008 @ 05:44 AM
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Re: Assigning Outputs in Sonar

That looks right to me.


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