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Viewing topic "MOTIF ES-2 Midi port Gone???"

Posted on: October 07, 2008 @ 06:00 PM
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I am new at this, and just got a Motif ES Rack to use with Sonar 6 PE.

I have installed the midi-usb drivers v2.2.1 and for the life of me I cannot see the Port: “Yamaha MOTIF ES-2” for communication with Sonar. But I can see the port “Yamaha MOTIF ES-1” which from my uderstanding, is used for communication with Studio Manager and the Editors.

Please advise

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Posted on: October 11, 2008 @ 05:04 PM
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Re:  MOTIF ES-2 Midi port Gone???

Good news !!,

All Motif Es midi ports are present.........was use old drivers.

I found the updated usb to midi drivers v2.2.3, Sound Editor v2.2.0 and the latest Sound Manager v2.3.0 (Im running XP Pro)

Now,I have followed the set up guide line by line and for the life of me I can NOT get Sonar 6 and Motif ES Rack configured !!!

Someone , anyone PLEASE HELP!! with the specs to this mystery.

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 @ 04:00 AM
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Re:  MOTIF ES-2 Midi port Gone???

Jamalot, can you be more specific?

Is it an ES or an ES-RACK? 

What are you not seeing? 

Are you trying to get Sonar 6 + Studio Manager + MOTIF(xxx) working together, or just Sonar+Motif?

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 @ 05:49 PM
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Motif ES-Rack + Studio Manger + Sonar

I would like to use my Motif ES-Rack and Studio Manger with Multi Part & Voice Editor(s) inside of Sonar

Using a computer and an external MIDI
Keyboard together with Motif ES -Rack

Using a computer with sequencer to control the MOTIFRACK
ES, you can connect an external MIDI keyboard to record
Note and other data (and even play back recorded data).
Set the “MIDI IN/OUT” parameter to “USB” with the
following operation.
[UTILITY] →MIDI display →“MIDI IN/OUT” = “USB”
when using the USB connector (“MIDI IN/OUT” is set to “USB”), the
MOTIF-RACK ES also receives and relays any data received via the MIDI
IN connector, and then data will be output from the USB port 1.
MIDI “Echo” on takes any data
received via the MIDI IN terminal and “echoes” it (or sends it as is)
through MIDI OUT.
Connected Midi Out of Controller to Midi IN of Motif

Multipart Editor
Problems are as follows-
Set Up Midi ports are not configured correctly, how should the Midi in remote set up be exactly??

Midi in Remote Port ====== ????????
Midi Out Remote Port ======????????
Midi In Port =========== ??????????
Midi Out Port ===========??????????

Voice Editor
Not many problems except I don’t have Instrument definitions loaded so I must page up or down using the pc + and – key while looking at the modules LCD as oppose to the editors window.

Part Mixer
Does Not Interact with Voice Editor=changes don’t carry over…….

Midi in Port………..Yamaha Motif-Rack ES-1
Midi Out Port……..Yamaha Motif-Rack ES-1

Configuring Studio Manager
Specific Midi Ports Ok , but Can not Synchronize with hardware
Bottom part is grayed out.
.Program Closes, must re-boot

Sonar with Motif ES Rack
Can only preview some of the sounds by scrolling thru the “patch” drop down…
I can save my selections in Sonar this way, but not sure this is the right way.

Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Sir Jammalot

Dual Core Pc
Windows XP Pro
Motu 896
M-Audio Delta 10/10
Midi Man 4x4
M-Audio BX8 Monitors
Motif ES Rack
Mackie Control
M-Audio Axium-6
M-Audio Ozone
M-Audio Trigger Finger
Ensoniq –TS 12
Sonar 6 Professional Edition
Pro Tools – M Powered 7

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Posted on: November 06, 2008 @ 02:56 PM
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Re:  Motif ES-Rack + Studio Manger + Sonar

Updated from several previous posts.....................................................................

You should never set the REMOTE PORTS of the Multi-Part Editor to the same Port as your normal routing -

- MIDI in Remote Port: Not Assigned
- MIDI out Remote Port: Not Assigned
- MIDI in Port: Yamaha MOTIF-RACK ES-1
- MIDI out Port: Yamaha MOTIF-RACK ES-1

Since you do not list any appropriate device to remote control your Multi-Part Editor. If you had a Yamaha keyboard syntheszier or a Yamaha digital mixer like an 01X you would list its port here ... and it would be able to remotely control your Motif Rack ES - if you do not have any of these, set it to NOT ASSIGNED.

Setup your Motif Rack ES as a MIDI interface: What this means is it is set to communicate MIDI IN/OUT = USB

This then makes the 5-pin MIDI jacks on the back panel an extra IN and OUT for any external piece of gear. Say you have MIDI keyboard you want to use: You plug that into the 5-pin MIDI jack on the back panel. It arrives in your computer (without triggering the Motif Rack ES) - just as any MIDI interface would deliver signal to your computer.

Your computer application can then re-route the incoming signal (seen as Yamaha Motif-R ES-1 for example) to the tone generator you want. You use your software to ECHO BACK the signal to the appropriate device.

For example, you could designate the MIDI OUT port on the back panel as PORT 2. Now when in your computer sequencer you route a MIDI track to OUT “Yamaha Motif-R ES-1” it will trigger the Motif Rack ES.

If you set the track to OUT = “Yamaha Motif-R ES-2” it will trigger whatever you connect to the 5-pin MIDI OUT jack of the Motif ES Rack. 

There is never really any cause to be switching back and forth between MIDI and USB. Even if you are using another MIDI interface for your other gear, when you want to route a track to the Motif Rack ES - simply communicate with it with your Yamaha USB Driver. Or you can connect the Motif-Rack ES to that other MIDI interface. It is your choice.

But you want to set up so that you can avoid having to switch back and forth to get things done. That may seem like the thing to do - but if you think it through you will find a better way to work.

The bottom line is this:

If you connect the Motif-Rack ES directly to the computer via USB, then set the MIDI IN/OUT to USB. The MIDI jacks work for an external product. (the Motif-Rack ES is a MIDI interface).

If you connect the Motif-Rack ES to the computer via standard MIDI cables then you are obviously using something else as your MIDI interface. In this case MIDI IN/OUT = MIDI. In this case the USB jack is doing nothing.

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