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Viewing topic "Setup Guide: New XS Editor & New Operating System"

Posted on: January 18, 2038 @ 02:14 PM
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Getting started with the new Motif XS Editor 1.1.0 and new Motif XS Operating System

Download the following components for your computer type:
_ Studio Manager v2.30
_ Motif XS Editor v1.1.0
_ New Motif XS Operating System version 1.12

These can be obtained from:
YamahaSynth Website’s Motif XS page

If you have a Windows Vista or XP computer or you have Macintosh OSX or UB computer, you will need Studio Manager version 2.3.0, and you will need the Motif XS Editor version 1.1.0 designated for your computer Operating System in order to properly work with the new Motif XS operating system.

VERY Important note:
Please read all instructions prior to updating your Motif XS Operating System. Make a backup of any of your own data in an ALL data file. The Operating System update is not complete until you do a complete Factory Reset of the unit.

_ You need to install both the Studio Manager Version v2.3.0 and the Editor v1.1.0. In order to use the new Motif XS operating system version 1.12 you will want to have updated versions of Studio Manager and the Motif XS Editor (they are a set).

The Motif XS Editor requires a multi-port MIDI connection. This means USB or mLAN/firewire connection between your Motif XS and your computer.

Please note: There is also a new peer-to-peer AI driver (Firewire) if you own a Motif XS8. If you own an XS6 or XS7 - with the optional mLAN16E2 expansion board… The new version of the AI Driver is version 1.6.3

The latest Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver for your computer type can be obtained from: [url=] [/url]

Please follow the instructions for installation of the proper USB-MIDI Driver for your computer. For smooth-sailing make sure you read the documentation for installation of this driver.

When using the firewire port driver (with mLAN16E2) you will be able to use a single firewire cable for both MIDI and audio communication between the XS and the computer…

Read the documentation (Installation Guide) that comes with the Motif XS EDITOR download.

In general, the Editor uses two ports to communicate with your computer. Port 1 and Port 4. This is fixed. So using the Motif XS connected via a standard 5-pin MIDI cable will not work for use with this Editor software. (You must use either USB or Firewire). The two ports handle the bi-directional and simultaneous functions that greatly enhance the user experience.

The Motif XS Editor will require Studio Manager. Studio Manager is the host application. When you hear about the Editor being run as a “standalone” application, it is assumed you are also running Studio Manager. The Motif XS Editor cannot be launched, at all, without the Studio Manager host.

The only other way that the Editor can be run is “inside” of Cubase Music Production software. Cubase SX3.1 (now discontinued), Cubase AI4.1, Cubase LE4.1, Cubase Essential 4.1, Cubase Studio 4.1 and Cubase 4.1)… where Studio Manager runs “inside” of Cubase and is launched from the DEVICES > STUDIO MANAGER menu options.

If running it “standalone” (i.e., with Studio Manager separate from your DAW) you will need to set MIDI PORTS. If running it ‘inside’ of Cubase, Studio Manager will use the ports made active in the “Device Setup” of Cubase.

For a good overview of the operation of this hardware/software integration, we recommend that you launch the STUDIO MANAGER, and then click on the HELP option on the menu bar and open the short 11 page “Studio Manager version 2” Owner’s Manual. {Keep in mind you only have to MAP MIDI PORTS when you are running in “standalone” (outside of your Cubase DAW)}.

Once you have setup the MODIFY WORKSPACE dialog box (Page 3: “Starting and Configuring Studio Manager”), and you have added the Motif XS icon to the Studio Manager Launch Pad then you can deal with the Motif XS Editor.

_ Click on its icon to launch the Motif XS Editor
_ Click HELP and read the 52 page Motif XS Editor Owner’s Manual

This document will take you through a complete tour of the software and will hip you to a lot of the very cool shortcuts and operations in the Editor. You can guess about a lot of the functionality but you will most likely miss many of the very coolest features and functions. The 52 page Manual is a quick read and you will find it extremely informative. You will probably learn more about your Motif XS by taking the time to read this document - as it really does introduce you to somethings you were likely to have missed.

The Editor is built to be bi-directional and simultaneous communication between the hardware (Motif XS) and the software (editor). Of significant importance is the communication direction for data synchronization. You will want to become clear about which direction you are set for your AUTO SYNC SETTINGS

The icons are clear enough: an arrow going from the computer icon to a keyboard indicating direction of data flow versus an arrow going from the keyboard icon to the computer . “Current” refers to the current Mixing setup, and “VOICE” refers to all your USER VOICES (384 Normal Voices plus 32 User Drum) and MIXING VOICE data.  “GLOBAL” refers to your UTILITY mode settings (which now can be apart of your Total Recall function).

In most instances you will want to set this AUTO SYNC SETTING function to send data FROM the computer TO your Motif XS.

Why? Because you will want to restore (recall) your setting when you return to your work. RECALL is most often used:

1) When recalling a previously saved Project
2) When setting up a new Project (creating your own Template)

When you need to capture a MIX or VOICES from the Motif XS for use in your computer, it is recommended that you use the “BULK” Data Sync option on the main toolbar of the Editor. Say for example you did a SONG or PATTERN in the Motif XS and you want to move the mix data into a Cubase Project… simply go to the BULK option on the main Menu bar and select “RECEIVE” CURRENT Mix (and USER VOICES, etc. as necessary).

Using the BULK for this type of transfer means you can leave the AUTO SYNC SETTINGS setup for the RECALL function.

It is highly recommended that you work on a scratch project while you “learn” the editor. The Factory DEMO data will do nicely. If you mess up you can always get that data back.

We will be posting Application Guides for more advanced operations as time goes on. The New OPERATING SYSTEM and the New EDITOR will hopefully get you into full creative swing in short order.


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