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Viewing topic "questions about the rack and sequencing like ES"

Posted on: June 15, 2008 @ 02:14 PM
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Joined  06-05-2007
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I own a Motif ES… thinkin about going more portable (XS Rack and Ableton Live)… my main question is how quickly can i duplicate / “re-create” the Motif’s sequencer (or as close as possible) on a program like Ableton Live…

1)More accurately, on the Motif’s sequencer, obviously, I can have sections A-->H, each section 16 tracks/phrases creating a “pattern"… ... I am relatively inexperienced w/ MIDI (with the exception of general sync)… I’m assuming its relatively easy to assign/copy midi PCs and various phrases created on the Motif over to Ableton Live? Can I assign, say, sound or kit “x” to track 1 on Ableton at all times, and in each section of live, in track 1, have a different midi phrase that would accurately play the assigned phrase from the Motif? I mean I’m pretty sure I can, but how easily is this done? On the Motif ES, its as easy as switch sections, and assign a phrase and sound to the track, and whalah, it’s done… I guess I’m kind of naive to the way the rack can/can’t be sequenced in the same manner as using the Motif keyboard version… ? ? ?

2) Can patterns be saved on the Rack version, in which each pattern obviously would have to correspond to the DAW and DAW settings I used in order to sequence it with?

3) Does the rack have preset phrases like the keyboard version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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Posted on: June 16, 2008 @ 12:10 AM
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Re: questions about the rack and sequencing like ES

On the Motif ES you have SECTIONS A-P not just A-H

The buttons labeled A-H are indeed Sections A-H but did you know, the row of buttons above that are Sections I through P
PRE 5 = I
PRE 6 = J
USER 1 = K
USER 2 = L
GM = M
PLG 1 = N
PLG 2 = O
PLG 3 = P

2) No the Rack version has no Pattern mode, no Song mode, no sequencer. It can respond with sounds to an external sequencer, of course. The new Rack XS will have 6,633 arpeggios with the four simultaneous arpeggiators… but that is not like PATTERN mode.

3) Well, as mentioned, the 6633 arps are built-in ... but arpeggios and PATTERN mode are two different things. The arps play live when you send in trigger notes… PATTERN mode is a looping sequencer with 16 tracks. Don’t confuse the two.

My suggestion is to get an RS7000… I was in the Pittsburgh PA area about 3 or four weeks ago and saw an RS7000 in your area…

It has the 16 Sections like the Motif ES sequencer…
It has tons of data on board and features a complete Motif ES sequencer. It is what you are looking for… Use the RS7000 to trigger the Motif-Rack XS and you have everything you could possibly need… !!!!

The RS7000 version 1.22 was seriously rockin’

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