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Viewing topic "Motif XS constantly sending System Excl. to LP8 ?"

Posted on: April 04, 2008 @ 10:25 PM
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For some reason, my Motif XS7 seems to constantly be transmitting System Exclusive messages to Logic Pro 8, so, I had to filter out System Excl messages in Logic Pro 8, otherwise Sysex messages were constantly being recorded.  They appear as a line of (XXXXXXXXXXXX) on a recorded region in the arrange page, and that was the first sign, that some unnecessary data was being recorded into the midi regions in LP8.

Is there a way to stop Sysex data to be sent out to Logic Pro 8, other than filtering the Sysex input in Logic Pro 8 ?  I’m guessing that this is not normal behavior form the Motif XS.

I also tried setting the (midi filter) check marks for the (system Exclusive) for both (IN and OUT) in the Motif XS (Sequencer setup page), but System Exc. messages are still being transmitted by the Motif XS, so the only way so far is to filter them in LP8. 

The Motif XS is connected via USB to my Mac Pro.  (OSX 10.4.11). the Motif XS7 is slaved to Logic Pro 8 via midi clock.

Any ideas how fix this ?


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Posted on: April 04, 2008 @ 10:51 PM
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Joined  08-13-2002
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Re: Motif XS constantly sending System Excl. to LP

OK !  I think I found the solution to this issue.

Here is what seems to have been causing this…

If “Device Number” is set to any thing other than “off” in the Utility page. Then System. Excl . is sent to LP8. 

So, LP8 users might want to make sure they set “Device Number” to “off “ in their Motif XS Utility page, otherwise you will be recording lots of System Exc. along with your note, and other controller midi data.

Well, even though this seems to have taken care of this issue, could someone explain why system excl messages were sent when the “Device Number” was set to anything other than “off”, my understanding is that System Excl. messages have to be manually initiated by the user, or a special request has to initiated from another device, but non of this was the case in my scenario, so why were the system excl. messages constantly being sent from the XS in the first place, regardless of what the “Device Number” was set to ?

Any feedback would be helpful. 


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Posted on: August 12, 2008 @ 08:27 AM
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Re: Motif XS constantly sending System Excl. to LP

If you don’t setup a Device # you will not be able to sync up when using the Mo editor.

Also, sysex is used and very handy when you are recording (Performance/Multi)to say one track in your DAW and want to control parameters within the track. This allows you to make changes within the Performance all on one given track…

I you are recording individual tracks for the Prerformance then you may not need sysex, but there are times when you will be recording button pushes or some type of physical changes, then you will want these recorded so that you hear them on playback…

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