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Viewing topic "Exceeded the polyphony?S90 midiproblem with Cubase"

Posted on: January 02, 2008 @ 05:25 AM
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Ok so this is the first time I try to use Cubase as a sequencer when recording midi with my S90. I have tried both Midi<>USB connection and USB<>USB. I have recorded piano, bass, drums, pad and a lead. At some part in the song the drums and the piano get a bit busy and then some instruments stops playing. Well just listen to the soundclip and you’ll know what I mean.
[url=] [/url]

So is it the polyphony limit that has exceeded or is it something else? How can I solve this, or is there any workaround?

And I have another question, why do I get much latency when recording through USB <> USB ? When I record through Midi <> USB there isn’t any latency problems.

I’m using Cubase SX3 and I have Windows XP Pro SP2.

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Posted on: February 07, 2008 @ 12:12 PM
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Joined  12-23-2002
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Re: Exceeded the polyphony?S90 midiproblem with Cubase

Welcome to the forum!

a) Yes, you’ve more than likely exceed polyphony limits as even just a piano with sustain can eat up resources. But by changing your approach, you won’t have to worry about that. Just record each instrument one at a time in Cubase, then mix and master your song there. It’s always better to treat each instrument individually when recording; you’ll get better results.

b) The latency is not due to Cubase, but is probably related to your USB ports and computer. You don’t mention anything about your computer other than the o/s. so there’s no much one can say. USB MIDI works well for some and not others. If it doesn’t work for you then use a MIDI interface and cables..................frank

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