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Viewing topic "Might Be Selling Mint ES6 Plus PLG’s"

Posted on: November 30, 2007 @ 04:17 PM
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Joined  01-26-2003
status: Guru

Work and a planned move have kept me away a lot for over a year now and the Motif ES 6 has been back in it’s box for the duration.

I hope to make a move up a generation as well as the number of keys to an XS7 probably after I eventually get relocated.

So at this stage, in short:

Motif ES6 “as new in box” (never gigged) plus:

Two PLG150 AN boards and One PLG150 DX along with Two 32MB Smartmedia cards.

To start with I’ll say the ES6 plus the SM cards and any one of the above PLG boards for $2500.

Add $200 for a second PLG and $150 for the third, making $2850 fully loaded with the AN and DX synthesis.

I haven’t given all this a lot of thought yet, but would also consider selling some or all PLG cards seperately, though preferably only if not sold with the Motif first.

Also I have a quite good Ensoniq VFX which still makes some interesting noises and has the rare distinction of having Polyphonic Aftertouch. Let’s say $500 ono, which makes it worth considering even as just a MIDI keyboard for a PC setup.

Last of all is a much newer and again immaculate/never gigged Kawai K5000S. Lots of knobs and buttons, built like a tank, beautiful keybed and Additive + PCM synthesis. Let’s say $850.

At this stage I’m too busy/lazy to advertise this stuff anywhere else yet so this is first dibs. I need to make some room around here.

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