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Viewing topic "S 90 and Midi Tech"

Posted on: October 04, 2007 @ 07:37 AM
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Joined  09-27-2003
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I’m following up on the previous article.
I would like to understand how midi in the Yamaha product is different from Korg.
My S90 and S90 ES seem to address the issue of polyphony.
When using the S90 as a sound module, as more polyphony is asked for from the computer sequencer, the S90 starts to slow down in it’s handling of the data. So, it’s a gradient of slow down. Say everything is in the pocket with a drum track and a bass track. High Hat, Snare, Kik, Toms, Crash, and a bass track. Then when I add a nice 2 handed, octaves in the left hand and four note comp chords in the right, I can begin to hear slight latency creeping in. Then when I add something else, the latency gets a bit worse.
So, I don’t know how you can have 16 tracks in the sound module mode and have a tight groove.
I don’t experience this gradual loosening of the groove, and finally just getting totally off as more polyphony is asked for.
I ask again is there something wrong with my S90 or, is there a software download to fix this?
Or, as you’ve said, too many notes? I wish it would take the notes away instead of the groove.
Treat me nice please.
Billy T

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