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Viewing topic "Wanted Motif ES7"

Posted on: September 26, 2006 @ 06:39 AM
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Joined  09-26-2006
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Anyone in Brisbane or near by, want to part with one let me know. Only Es7. ES6 too small ES8 too big.

What do you guys think on sampling on this board? I have a triton studio and want this as a second keyboard mostly for sampling cause it has 512mb sampling ram. Triton studio has 5 gig hdd but only 96mb sampling ram usable at once. So its for sampling instruments not loops probably manually keymapped to hold the quality. If you have done this before, let me know how time consuming or hard it is. The motif es has jack inputs right?

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Posted on: October 02, 2006 @ 12:27 AM
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Re: Wanted Motif ES7

The Motif ES does have jack inputs. You can also bring in samples via Smartmedia card or USB storage device.

I have a mint ES6 (never left the loungeroom) with two AN and one DX PLG boards I may be reluctantly offering for sale if you can’t find an ES7.

As for your more in-depth questions, I haven’t used the sampler (yet to install the memory), so try a search in some some of the relevant forums here like “All About Sampling”, and you should find that all you need to know has probably been discussed.

Also note that the ES can in fact hold 1 Gig of sample RAM if you’re really keen.

- Wayne

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